eCustomer Registration

Requesting CWS authorization for Caterpillar's Power Systems Product Information is quick and easy.
Follow the steps below to get started.
Register CWS ID Page
On the Register Page, complete the registration form. Note that all fields are required.
Enter phone number, starting with the country code, then area code and number. Do not enter '+', the '+' sign will be added after the save process. You may enter the phone number in the format that works best. For example, these are typical formats:
1 309 675 0633
41 22 849 4842
68 6828 7607
Once you have created your account, the CWS system will display your phone number as follows:
+1 309 675 0633
+41 22 849 4842
+68 6828 7607
Email Address
Verify the e-mail entered is a valid address, as the registration confirmation e-mail will be sent to this address. The confimation e-mail will be needed to complete the registration process.
Checking CWS ID Availability
CWS ID availability can be checked during the registration process by entering a desired ID into the “Select User ID” field and then clicking the “Check ID Availability” button to the right of the field. A message will be displayed indicating the availability of the requested ID.
Agreeing to the Usage Terms
Please note that the registration process will not continue until the Usage Terms have been agreed to.
Check the checkbox next to "Indicate your agreement with these Usage Terms". Checking the box indicates that:
By registering here for Product Info User Access, you are agreeing to legitimate business purpose for accessing information about Caterpillar Power Systems Products, and that you are not representing a competitor. Use of information obtained through this Access must be limited to its intended business purpose and not disclosed to competitors or unauthorized parties. Unauthorized users will have their access removed.
Once the form has been completed, click the "Click Here to Request Access" button to submit the registration form.
Confirm Request Page
Once the request has been submitted, the Confirm Request page is displayed. This page confirms that the request has been submitted and a confirmation e-mail has been generated and sent to the e-mail address supplied. It also provides further instructions on how to complete the process by validating the request with the confirmation e-mail.
Complete Registration Page
To complete the registration process, locate the confirmation email and click the link, or copy and paste it into a browser. The Complete page will display with instructions and the remaining steps to finalize the registration process.
Password Strength Policy
When creating a password, it must adhere to the following rules:
1. Must be a minimum of eight (8) characters long.
2. Must contain three (3) of the following:
a. Number
b. Uppercase letter
c. Lowercase letter
d. One of the following special characters: *, &, :, =, -, !, ., %, ?, _, |, @, #, or $
Once accepted, a Congratulations page will display with a summary of the access level being granted, and the Usage Terms. A list of buttons linked to various sizing and product information tools are displayed for easy access.
Corporate Web Security - eCustomer User Management
eCustomer user accounts can be managed through the Caterpillar Corporate Web Security site:
Product Support Services
Free hotline support is provided for eCustomer Registration Application during the hours below.
Hotline Hours
Monday through Friday
6:00 AM to 7:00 PM - United States Central Standard Time
Telephone Numbers
800-901-8777 (United States only)
309-266-9749 (From all other locations)
309-263-0127 (FAX)
Internet Email